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Mass Spectrometry is an academic journal on both fundamentals and applications of mass spectrometry, owned and published by the Mass Spectrometry Society of Japan (MSSJ).

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Latest articles

Original ArticleFebruary 10, 2023

Uranium–Lead Systematics of Lunar Basaltic Meteorite Northwest Africa 2977

Narumi Moromoto, Yosuke Kawai, Kentaro Terada, Masaaki Miyahara, Naoto Takahata, Yuji Sano, Naoko Fujikawa, Mahesh Anand

Northwest Africa (NWA) 2977 is a lunar basaltic meteorite that was found in 2005 and has been classified as an olivine cumulate gabbro. This meteorite contains a shock melt vein (SMV) induced by an intense shock event. We report herein on an in-situ analysis of phosphates in the host gabbro and

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Original ArticleJanuary 31, 2023

Among the various types of cluster secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS), electrospray droplet impact/secondary ion mass spectrometry (EDI/SIMS) is unique due to its high ionization efficiency and non-selective atomic/molecular-level surface etching ability. In this study, EDI/SIMS was applied to the non-selective etching of synthetic polymers of polystyrene (PS) and

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Original ArticleDecember 29, 2022

Proton-transfer-reaction (PTR) mass spectrometry (MS), a widely used method for detecting trace-levels of volatile organic compounds in gaseous samples, can also be used for the analysis of small non-volatile molecules by using supercritical fluid

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